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Jonas Grings



Research Intern

Department of Chemistry

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Jonas is an exchange student and research intern from Germany, University of Konstanz. In his bachelors thesis he did research on the mechanism for noble metal formation on quantum dots in the lab of Prof. Dr. Klaus Boldt. In a research project for Prof. Dr. Helmut Cölfen, he worked on functional polymer additives and biodegradable plastics. In the Castallano Group, he’s working on photocatalytic hydrogenations and uses para-hydrogen induced polarization (PHIP) to enhance the capabilities of NMR. He’s an outdoor enthusiast, biker and always open to all different kinds of conversations.


B.Sc. Chemistry University of Konstanz 2021

Area(s) of Expertise

Photo-activated hydrogenation of olefins using para-hydrogen induced polarization.


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