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Center for Hybrid Approaches in Solar Energy

Chase (Center for Hybrid Approaches in Solar Energy) is a DoE Energy Research Hub including the Castellano group. The goal of CHASE is to develop molecule/material hybrid photoelectrodes for cooperative sunlight-driven generation of O2 and liquid fuels from CO2, H2O, and N2. The Castellano group focuses in particular on the COreduction and water oxidation aspects as well as molecular catalyst integration onto semiconductor surfaces.

Water oxidation

Using visible light driven photoelimination to generate X2 (halogen) gas form a mononuclear Ni-complexes to generate high energy products that could be used for water oxidation. 

CO2 Reduction

Our focus is to reduce CO2 to formic acid using molecular catalysts as well as conduct mechanistic studies to better understand the reduction processes.

Catalyst Integration

We are designing molecular catalysts that bind to semiconductor light absorbers to drive liquid fuel production.