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Jonathan Wheeler

Graduate Student

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Jonathan is from Boca Raton, Florida.  He studied chemistry and applied mathematics at Florida State University obtaining degrees in both in 2021.  During his time as an undergraduate, he worked in the Hanson lab at FSU on DSSCs as he both designed and studied their photophysical and photovoltaic properties.  He now works as a synthetic chemist on the CHASE solar hub initiative and projects seeking to investigate photophysical properties of Cr(iii) complexes.  In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys playing poker, hiking, betting on/watching sports, going to the gym, and reading/writing.




B.S. Chemistry Florida State University 2021

B.S. Applied Mathematics Florida State University 2021

Area(s) of Expertise

Synthesis of anthracene and phenanthroline derivatives containing ethynyl bridges.
Synthesis of Cr(III) complexes with strong photooxidant properties.


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